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Starlight Six Drive-In Movie Theater


Looking for a unique place to see the latest new releases? Try a night out at the movies with an old fashioned twist! Starlight Drive-In, Atlanta's very own drive-in movie theater, is a fun way to spend an evening with friends or cozy up with your date!

Starlight Drive-In Basics:

Getting There: Starlight Six Drive-In is located on Moreland Avenue in Southeast Atlanta just south of East Atlanta Village. It is easily accessible from both I-20 and I-285. The theater is not on the Marta train line, but Marta bus route 4 does get you pretty darn close.

Admission: The best part about Starlight? It's a bargain! Every ticket gets you a double feature! Adult tickets are $7 and kids are only $1! I'm sure you know that's the best deal in town - even if you can only stay for one film!

Food and Drink: Starlight is about as picnic friendly as it gets (as long as you don't mind picnicking on concrete!). You are free to bring in snacks, drinks (yes, alcoholic beverages!), and pretty much whatever you want. I have even been to a catered event there (pre-arranged with the theater). There is also a snack bar on-site with movie snacks.

Watching the Film: So, how does this whole drive-in thing work, huh? Basically you arrive at the theater and follow the signs to your screen (they will tell you when you go in). You will then wind around a path until you end up in front of the screen for your double feature. The screen will tell you which radio frequency to tune in to. Here's a tip - if you are watching the movie in your car, don't let your battery run down! Crank your engine every once and a while.

Starlight Drive-In Tips:

  • When you're heading to Starlight Drive-In, allow yourself a little time to get in - especially on busy nights (usually Friday and Saturday) and if you are arriving close to the movie start time. This will ensure you're able to get through the gates and find the right screen without missing a minute of the action!
  • Pickup trucks are great for drive-ins! I've seen people get creative by bringing chairs, blankets and even a futon to lounge in the bed of their truck!
  • If you go with a group, bring a battery powered radio and camping chairs to sit outside the car so you can enjoy the movie together.
  • Fun fact: Starlight is a flea market on weekends during the daytime. Head down there and score some treasures!
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