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The Peach Drop - New Years Eve in Atlanta



The Peach Drop is an annual event that takes place each New Year's Eve at Underground Atlanta. It's Atlanta's version of Time Square - except instead of dropping a giant ball, we put a Southern spin on things by dropping a giant peach!

The famous eight foot tall peach is made out of fiberglass and foam and weighs in at around 800 lbs! It's descent takes almost exactly one minute.

The best part about the annual Peach Drop? It's free!


Location & Transportation:


The Peach Drop takes place throughout Underground Atlanta. Underground Atlanta, located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, is accessible via Marta from the Five Points Station. Marta runs until 2 a.m. on New Years Eve.

There are also several parking decks in the area, with two decks for Underground located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive at Central Avenue and Pryor Street.

Cabs will be available at the event, so be sure to get home safe.


Peach Drop FAQ:


Here's what the folks at the Peach Drop want you to know about attending this fun New Year's event in Atlanta.

Q: Where do I get tickets for the Peach Drop?
A: The Peach Drop is free! You don't need a ticket, just show up.

Q: What about food and alcohol at The Peach Drop?
A: Food, beer, wine, champagne and other alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at The Peach Drop. If you'd like to eat at one of the restaurants in Underground Atlanta, reservations are recommended (but not required).

Q: How late are the bars at Underground Atlanta open?
A: The fun doesn't end when the peach drops! The bars at Underground Atlanta will be open until 4 a.m.

Q: What if it rains?
A: The Peach Drop is rain or shine.

Q: What ages will enjoy The Peach Drop?
A: The Peach Drop is an all ages event, but families should plan to come early in the day for special family activities and entertainment.

Q: What items are not allowed at The Peach Drop?
A: For everyone's safety, The Peach Drop asks that you do NOT be bring the following items with you onto the property: Pets, bags, backpacks, coolers, picnic baskets, recording devices, roller blades, bikes, skateboards, lawn chairs, weapons and alcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages can be purchased on the property by patrons 21 years of age and older).


The 2014 Peach Drop Events:

2014 marks the 25th annual Peach Drop!

Family-friendly activities at The Peach Drop run from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. and include carnival-style rides, face painting, balloon artists and fun vendor.

Kenny's Alley will play all the best college bowl games so that you can cheer on your favorite teams at The Peach Drop.

There is a full day of fun activities for all ages on numerous stages throughout Underground Atlanta.

Here's the available schedule for the 2013 Peach Drop entertainment:

Peach Drop Main Stage

Live entertainment from 6pm - 12am

The 2014 Peach Drop will feature headliner Janelle Monáe along with celebrity host David Koechner.

6:00 pm Roman GianArthur
7:00 pm Brian Collins
8:00 pm Sol Junky
9:30 pm Sonia Leigh
11:15 pm Janelle Monáe

Kenny’s Alley

11 a.m. The Endless Energy
12 p.m. Revel in Romance
1 p.m. The Rising
2 p.m. Krista Nick
3 p.m. Da Famous Boyzz
4 p.m. Cristina Quinones
5 p.m. Tamika Dunning
6 p.m. The Perks
7 p.m. Them Morris Boys
8 p.m. Space Age Rat Pak
9 p.m. TBD
10 p.m. IDK
11:30 p.m. TBD


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