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Dialog in the Dark


Dialog in the Dark
Photo © Laura Horton

About Dialog in the Dark :

Dialog in the Dark is described as "an experience that will awaken senses, challenge prejudices, and deepen self-awareness." Essentially, the exhibit is designed to simulate what it would be like to be blind, causing you to have to rely on senses other than your vision.

Visitors are led by visually impaired guides through a series of everyday locales in total darkness. Guests are challenged to use their other senses to determine where they are and interact with the environment around them.

The experience results in a sharpening of lesser-used senses, as guests are forced to rely on touch, hearing, smell and even taste to understand the world around them. In addition, visitors must trust and rely on their guide and those around them to help them navigate through the settings.

At the end of the journey, guests are given an opportunity to discuss as a group the challenges that visually impaired people face every day. The exhibit results in a greater appreciation for the sense of sight as well as an increased understanding of others.

History :

Atlanta marks the stateside debut of the Dialog in the Dark exhibition. The event will also take place in other major cities throughout the country. Since it's creation in 1988, Dialog in the Dark has been presented in 22 countries and in over 130 cities throughout the world, touching over five million people.

Dining in the Dark:

Dialog in the Dark has also added a special event series, Dining in the Dark. Dining in the Dark includes the full Dialog tour and then guests settle in for a meal cooked by one of Atlanta's premiere chefs. Here's the catch: meals are served entirely in the dark.

What You Need to Know:

  • The exhibition is located in Atlantic Station, and since it's debut, the run has been continually extended.
  • Hours are Monday - Thursday from noon - 5 p.m., Fridays from noon - 8 p.m., Saturdays from noon - 9 p.m. and Sundays from noon - 6 p.m. The interaction lasts approximately one hour. The last admission each day is one hour before closing.
  • Tickets and appointments are available online.
  • Bring minimal items with you, as you'll be asked to leave large items like purses as well as any light-emitting items like watches in a locker before entering the exhibit.
  • Guests may wish to bring cash, in the form of $1 bills, to interact in the Dialog in the Dark cafe at the end of the exhibit.
  • It is recommended that guests wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Though there is nothing scary about the exhibit, small children may be upset by the darkness.
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