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Romantic Dates in Atlanta

Create the perfect Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Special Date in Atlanta


Sometimes you need a little help with the romance. Get ideas for romatic dates for Valentines Day, anniversaries or special occasions in the Atlanta area.

Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta

A romantic holiday like Valentine's Day is rarely complete without an intimate dinner. Check out our list of Atlanta's most romantic restaurants to find the perfect date night spot.

Don't forget to make reservations - which is so easy these days that there are no excuses! You can use OpenTable to make a reservation at most of Atlanta's top romantic restaurants.

Remember, on holidays like Valentine's Day and New Years Eve, restaurants often have special or limited menus, so be sure to check in advance and know what you're in for - especially because sometimes a prix fixe can mean you're in for a higher priced meal than you anticipated.

Romantic Gift Ideas in Atlanta

You don't want to be caught empty handed on a special occasion. Even if you've decided not to exchange lavish gifts, a small bouquet of flowers never hurt anyone. Here are some ideas for the perfect holiday gifts.

  • There are lots of spas around town, but for a can't miss option try Spa Sydell or Natural Body (my personal favorite spa in Atlanta).
  • Flowers on a holiday are a no-brainer. Bring home a bouquet or surprise your sweetie at work with delivery from Carithers or Candler Park Flowers (where they'll even run your order out to your car).
  • Pick up some chocolates from local gourmet shop Cacao.
  • Sign the two of you up for a wine tasting or cooking class.
  • Get ticket to an upcoming show or concert that your partner will enjoy.

Take a Romantic Getaway Near Atlanta

Go all out and plan a romantic getaway for your next Valentine's Day, anniversary or special occasion. Try out the following trips within an short drive of Atlanta that were simply made for romance.

Another option is to rent a cabin somewhere in North Georgia or a neighboring state. The North Georgia Mountains offer lovely views and many cabins are cozy and include romantic amenities like hot tubs.

Not enough time to get out of town? Consider a staycation and make Atlanta your getaway. This is an especially great option if you don't get into the city that often. See a show, have a lavish dinner and then spend the night in a chic hotel.

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