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The Best Companies to Work For In and Around Atlanta, GA


Each year Fortune Magazine ranks the top companies to work for across the United States. Metro Atlanta is home to several of these employers. While some companies have dropped from the list over the years, we've left them here so you can check them out during your job hunt! After all, just because they don't make the top 100 doesn't mean that they aren't still a great place to work in Atlanta.

Alston & Bird - Atlanta, GA - No. 23 (2013)

Alston & Bird made the list because of their excellent benefits for new parents. We're talking about three months' paid leave for new moms, adoption benefits up to $7,000, special parking for pregnant moms, onsite child care, and a "maternity closet" to recycle clothing. Alston & Bird employs around 1646 Atlantans.

Children's Heathcare of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA - No. 46 (2013)

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) is a long-standing top choice for job seekers in Atlanta, climbing the list over the years. This Children's hospital offers innovative employee benefits like the Strong4Life employee wellness program and is extremely involved in the local community. CHOA employs almost 7,000 people in the Atlanta area.

Deloitte - Atlanta, GA - No. 47 (2013)

It may not be Atlanta-based, but Deloitte is a top audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory firm with almost 2,000 employees in the Metro area. Hailing from an office in the heart of Downtown, Deloitte employs the best of the best and strives for diversity, landing it a spot on Fortune's list.

PCL Construction - Alpharetta, GA - No. 73

Denver based PCL Construction has an office in Alpharetta. The company is 100% employee owned and has been defying the recession with extraordinary growth - plus they set a goal to help the cities around them, asking for at least 18 hours of volunteer time per employee, per year.

Aflac - Columbus, GA - No. 84 (2013)

Aflac is a frequent name on the top workplaces list. This insurance and employee benefits company is actually located about two hours south of Metro Atlanta, but is worth mentioning since they employ almost 5,000 Georgians and offer great benefits like having the largest onsite corporate day care in the state of Georgia.

Bright Horizons - Atlanta, GA - No. 90

Bright Horizons employs just over 300 people in the Atlanta area office and offers great stock options and investment plans. They also work toward a great goal - they are leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, back-up care, early education, and work/life solutions and strive to make a positive impact on the community.

QuikTrip - Metro Atlanta (Dropped from list)

This 24-hour convenience store employs almost 2,000 people in the Atlanta area and is known nationwide for great employee benefits and long-lasting loyalty, with over 200 employees sticking around for 20 years or more! Face it, you just can't beat all-you-can-drink free coffee and fountain drinks!

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