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How to Change Your Name After Marriage in Georgia


How to change your name after getting married can be a confusing process. Use this information to find out how to do a name change after marriage in Georgia.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. When obtaining your Georgia Marriage license, indicate your new, married name on the application form. You must wait to receive your certified marriage license from the State of Georgia to start the name change process.
  2. The first step in the name change process is to notify the Social Security Office of your name change. Locate a social security office near you. You'll need to bring along your marriage certificate as well as a valid ID such as your drivers license. It is free to get a new social security card.
  3. Next, update your Georgia Driver's License. Visit the Department of Driver Services and obtain a new license. You'll need to present your marriage certificate. If you are also changing your address, you'll need to provide proof of residency (such as a utility bill). Be prepared to have your photo taken. Depending on when your license was last renewed, you may have to pay a fee of $20.
  4. Update your passport. If you have obtained a passport within the last year, you can update your passport information for free. Use this chart to find out which form you'll need to update your passport with your name change.
  5. Once you've taken care of legal documents and forms of ID, call your credit card providers, banks and other subscription services to update your name. Many of them will be able to make the changes via phone. Some services may require that you appear at your local branch and provide a marriage certificate.


  1. Allow at least 1 hour at the Social Security office to change your name after marriage. Your new card will be mailed to you.
  2. Allow at least 2 hours at the Department of Driver Services to get a new driver's license. As of this publishing, the State of Georgia will issue a temporary driver's license and you will receive your new license in the mail.

What You Need

  • Certified marriage license
  • Valid ID
  • For address changes, proof of residency
  • Method of Payment. Georgia DDS does accept credit cards.
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