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Domestic Partnerships in Georgia


Same sex marriage is not currently legal in Georgia, though around the country states are making great strides in this direction. For homosexual couples - or heterosexual couples that do not wish to get married - domestic partnership offers some benefits similar to those given to married couples. It can be a smart way to officially declare your relationship in the absence of a marriage.

Georgia Cities and Counties offering Domestic Partnership:

Unfortunately, domestic partnership status is only available to a small set of residents in Georgia. The following cities and counties offer domestic partnership status:

Fulton County
In Fulton County this is known as Certified Committed Partnership. Registrants must be residents of the county or have at least one partner employed by the county. Limited to same-sex couples. The fee is $25 (cash only), and a government issued ID (such as a driver's license or passport) is required. Download the Partnership form (PDF) and the full instructions. (PDF) You will also need to file a Financial affidavit and a tax form.

City of Atlanta
Registration is filed in the Office of Treasury, Finance Department. Required to cohabit for 6 months; live in jurisdiction, or both must be city employees; share basic living expenses. 6-month termination wait period, unless terminated by death.

Athens-Clarke County
Requirements for Athens-Clarke County are as follows: shared primary residence for the previous 6 months; committed, interdependent relationship intended to be lifelong; jointly sharing the household obligations and necessities of life; neither partner is currently married or legally separated from anyone; partners must be at least 18 years old; partners must be of sound mind; partners are not blood relatives; partners are the sole domestic partner to one another; neither partner is recently, legally separated from another domestic partnership by less than 6 months. The cost to file your form (PDF) is $30 and the form is filed with the Municipal Court after being notarized.

Domestic Partnership Benefits in Georgia:

Domestic partnership benefits in Georgia are primarily tied to the ability to make healthcare decisions. While it does not provide the tax benefits of a traditional marriage, healthcare benefits and empowering your partner to make those decisions the unfortunate circumstance that you are not able to make them for yourself can be very comforting.

Many employers allow you to use a domestic partnership to put a loved one on your corporate insurance policy, saving you money.

Under the Georgia Advanced Directive for Healthcare, passed in 2007, the State of Georgia's domestic partnership offers three health-related benefits: health care agent (this applies to all medical decisions and post-death decisions), treatment preferences (this applies to terminal conditions or states of permanent unconsciousness), and guardianship.

In addition to the medical benefits, partners are also granted jail visitation in all three Georgia regions.

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