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Piedmont Park in Atlanta


Piedmont Park in Atlanta
Image by Jason Riedy

Piedmont Park is Atlanta's largest and most well known park - the Central Park of Atlanta. Located in Midtown, Piedmont Park is a popular place to spend time and participate in outdoor activities and is also home to a public pool and many local festivals and events.

Getting to Piedmont Park:

Piedmont Park is located in Midtown Atlanta and can be easily accessed by car or by Marta (public transportation).

By car you can access Piedmont Park from 10th Street, Piedmont Avenue or Monroe Drive.

From Marta, the main park entrances are best accessed by the Midtown station. If you are heading to the Botanical Gardens, you may also use the Arts Center station. From both stations you will have a short walk to the park.

Parking at Piedmont Park:

Parking for Piedmont Park is available in the new public parking deck off of Monroe Drive. This deck can also be accessed via the main entrance to the Botanical Gardens. Parking is charged at $1.00 per 30 minutes with a maximum daily charge of $15.

You may also find some parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the park, but be aware of all posted signs as some areas are parking by permit only. It is best not to park in the nearby shopping centers, as you may risk being towed.

Recreational Activities at Piedmont Park:

Piedmont Park has many recreational areas including soccer fields, volleyball courts and tennis courts. There is also a track for runners. For use of the fields and courts, check with the park to ensure that your desired time slot is available.

Boccee courts are also available.

Fishing is allowed in Lake Clara Meer.

Piedmont Park offers several picnic facilities that can be reserved for your group. Many pavilions also have a grill.

Skating and biking, a popular activity in the park, is allowed on the main path as well as on the 10th Street Meadow paths.

The Public Pool at Piedmont Park:

Piedmont Park recently renovated and re-opened the Aquatics Center in the park. The facility now includes a large lawn, lap lanes, a current channel and a general swim pool. The swimming season runs from late May - early September. Fees range from $1 - $4 based on age and season passes are also available.

Weddings and Events at Piedmont Park:

Piedmont Park is a popular spot for Atlanta weddings and has several different facilities. The park itself operates weddings and events on the Clara Meer dock, at Greystone (a large new facility overlooking the park and the aquatics center) and Magnolia Hall.

Park Tavern, an independent bar and restaurant at Piedmont Park, is also a popular spot for weddings and events. They have both an indoor and an outdoor facility.

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