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What is the pollen count in Atlanta?


Question: What is the pollen count in Atlanta?
Spring in Atlanta brings warm weather but also a dusting of nasty pollen. The yellow pollen coats cars and causes allergy flare ups during early and mid spring.

Pollen count is determined by how many pollen grains there are per cubic meter of air in 24 hours.

Pollen counts are assessed using the following ranges:

Pollen Count Ranges:
0-14 Low
15-89 Moderate
90-1499 High
Over 1500 Extremely High

The greenish-yellow pollen familiar to many Atlanta residents is tree pollen. It usually begins to be seen in March, peaks in Mid-April and then tapers off in May. Find out today's pollen count in Atlanta.

Those who are irritated by pollen, the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma clinic recommends the following, in addition to taking any regular allergy medications: keep car windows shut, use air conditioning, wear a mask while mowing the lawn, and shower and wash hair before bedtime.

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