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Atlanta Grocery Stores

Because everyone's gotta eat!


Atlanta has more than a few grocery store options, whether you're looking to grab the basics or prepare a gourmet meal. Get the scoop on the best places for deals, specialty items and prepared meals.


Based out of Florida, Publix is a frequent sight driving around Atlanta. This grocery chain has done a fine job of dominating the scene, with small but complete intown locations and sprawling stores in the suburbs. Publix is an all-around good choice for basic grocery shopping. They carry a good selection of produce, Boars Head deli meats and most stores have a small GreenWise organics section. Publix also offers store-brand items on most basic products. Publix also has a deli counter with fresh-made subs, available with either Publix or Boar's Head meats. Some larger stores feature Crisper's Salad selections. Publix also has a pharmacy.



Kroger, one of the nation's largest grocery chains, is another all-purpose grocery store for all mealtime needs. Kroger is widely known for having great deals when shoppers use their Kroger Plus Card. The Kroger Plus Card is a free program that rewards shoppers. Frequent promotions include a number of 10 for $10 items. This store is pretty basic, with everything you need and no frills. Kroger also has a pharmacy that has great prices like $4-$10 generic medications. There is a deli, carrying Sara Lee products, where a selection of prepared sandwiches and sides are available.


Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a leader in healthy grocery products. This store stocks many hard-to-find items and is a best-bet for vegetarian shoppers. Though some items are more expensive than your typical grocery store, Whole Foods has many value items like prepared dinner combination packs. There is a large selection of produce and high quality fish and meats. Whole Foods locations have excellent prepared food bars throughout including barbecue stations, seafood stations, a hot bar and a large salad bar. Food from the prepared food bars is purchased by weight. There is also a deli-style counter featuring daily 'blue plate specials.' Whole Foods also operates the upscale Harry's Farmer's Market locations in Marietta and Alpharetta.


Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a health-conscious bargain-hunter's best friend. Though much smaller than a Whole Foods Market, this budget-friendly market features great prices on produce and basics. They stock a huge selection of easy-to-prepare frozen meal items that don't compromise quality. Most items in the store are sold under Trader Joe's own house brand. There is no fish or meat counter, but there are prepared meat items and a large selection of flash-frozen fish. Trader Joe's is also famous for it's Charles Shaw wine, commonly known as Two-Buck Chuck, which offers a selection of popular varietals and retails for just under $3.


Your Dekalb Farmer's Market

Travel the world for the freshest, most interesting goods at Dekalb Farmer's Market. This huge, indoor farmer's market carries a wide variety of produce and the freshest meats and fish including unusual items and cuts. over 450 varieties of seafood are available, cut to order. The bakery offers bakery preservative-free products made with all natural ingredients. There is also a selection of homemade pastas, soups and pizzas, over 400 types of cheese and a large beer and wine section. The international foods section boasts a wide vaiety of dried and packages items like fruits and spices imported from around the world. Dekalb Farmer's Market offers a cash-only hot bar and salad bar from daily.

3000 E. Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

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