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The Bottom Line

The Flying Biscuit has always been a popular destination for brunch-seeking Atlanta natives. With fluffy biscuits, natural ingredients and Southern-style specialties, this cafe with multiple locations serves filling meals in a quirky environment.


  • Breakfast served all day and all night!
  • Bright and eclectic decor makes you smile


  • Gets very crowded during brunch hours
  • Recently sold to Raving Brands, bringing a corporate spin to this classic


  • The Flying Biscuit has multiple Atlanta locations.
  • Check out the original location in Candler Park for a taste of the real thing and grab some to-go biscuits in the bakery.
  • The Midtown location, always crowded, has a patio.

Guide Review - Flying Biscuit Cafe

The Flying Biscuit started with two locations in Atlanta, Candler Park and Midtown. Recently purchased by Raving Brands, this charming cafe has now blossomed in to a full-scale chain with 10 locations in Atlanta and beyond. While the corporate buyout is controversial among natives, the food is still satisfying Southern classics.

This cafe is colorful, cheery and flower-filled, an atmosphere borrowed from the original outpost and brought to the new locations. They serve breakfast all day and focus on farm-fresh and organic ingredients, but don't think that means its all health food and no fun. You can still find all the decadent breakfast items you crave like French Toast or Steak and Eggs.

For those who don't like breakfast for dinner, there is also a menu of comfort food served up in whopping proportions. A favorite of mine is the heaping bowl of shrimp and grits, a truly Southern dish that every Yankee should try at least once.

You can expect a wait to pile up on weekends at all of the Flying Biscuit locations, so you may want to opt for off-hours to try this popular breakfast joint. If you're looking for an alcoholic treat like a mimosa, they've got them, but keep in mind Georgia restaurants can't serve until after noon on Sundays!

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