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Restaurants and Bars in Little Five Points

Drinking and Dining in Atlanta's Little 5


Little Five Points is a popular, eclectic neighborhood located just east of Downtown Atlanta. It is an ideal neighborhood for walking around, with many shops and restaurants clustered in a small area. There are lots of shopping options in Little Five Points, from gothic to vintage to chic boutiques. Then, settle down for lunch, dinner or drinks at one of the neighborhood's many restaurants and bars.

The Porter

The Porter, one of the newer additions to dining in Little Five Points, is an American restaurant and craft beer bar. You will find and huge selection of unique beers, as well as a menu made up of comforting small plates and sandwiches. The environment is casual and cozy.

The Vortex

Laura Horton

The Vortex is one of the most famous dining destinations in Atlanta due to its interesting exterior (diners walk through a giant skull) and killer burgers. If you're up for it, go crazy with the "Double Bypass Burger," which includes two fried eggs, six slices of cheese and eight pieces of bacon - plus two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns! This restaurant has a tough, biker personality and is filled with crazy memoribilia - it's not for the faint of heart, but its a great place for a casual meal. 18+ due to indoor smoking.

Corner Tavern

Corner Tavern, with several Atlanta locations, is a well-known local watering hole. The Little Five Points location has a cool garage-style door that rolls up to let in the fresh air, and offers typical bar fn with pool tables, board games and the occasional bought of karaoke. A classic local bar, the food is pretty good and the beer selection spans a wide variety of American brews.


Brewhouse is the ultimate patio spot in Little Five Points. They've got a huge outdoor space, plus some indoor areas as well. You'll find a menu of American bar food, plus a few hearty entrees. Their beer selection isn't huge, but it's plenty adequate for an afternoon enjoying the sunshine and people watching.

Little Five Points Pizza

Looking for a quick bite in Little Five Points? Little Five Points Pizza could be your answer. Yummy oversized slices, cold beers, outdoor seating and good value make this a great choice for dining in Little Five Points.

Tijuana Garage

Tijuana Garage is yoru answer to a TexMex craving in Little Five Points. Tacos, margaritas and all your other favorites are plentiful at this Mexican restaurant.

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