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Decatur Restaurants


Decatur is becoming a dining destination is its own right. Located just a few miles east of downtown Atlanta, this charming community has easy MARTA access, a walkable downtown and some of the area's hippest restaurants. This is just a small sampling of some of our favorite restaurants in Decatur.

The Iberian Pig

The Iberian Pig is a spanish-style tapas restaurant with a focus on cured meats and decadent cheeses. The dark wood and low lighting makes this a perfect spot for both a night out with your trendiest friends or a romantic dinner for two. Try the pork cheek tacos or the gigantic flatbread while you sip on creative cocktails like the Iberian Old-Fashioned, which includes bacon-infused wiskey.

Brick Store Pub

Brick Store put Decatur dining on the map and has remained a favorite for over 10 years. At peak times you'll fight for a table, but its worth the wait, especially if you're a beer connoisseur. The beer list seems as long as some novels with a vast variety of high gravity and hard-to-find options. This cozy, rustic bar serves up belly-filling food as well. Personal favorite? The volcano, a perfectly chewy sourdough bread bowl overflowing with warm, tangy, house made brunswick stew.


The team that turned Brick Store into the area's premiere beer destination branches out with a second venture, Leon's Full Service. Housed in a former gas station, Leon's is a community-friendly destination with fun features like an outdoor bocce ball court. Some swear by the bacon appetizer with a sidecar of peanut butter, but I myself can't resist the goat cheese-stuffed peppadews. Sandwiches and mains feature locally-driven ingredients and the beverages flow freely with a rotating selection of craft beers and masterfully mixed specialty concoctions.

Raging Burrito

Raging burrito is a low-key spot for grabbing a hearty tex-mex meal. The menu is full of tacos, quesadillas and, of course, over-sized burritos in flavors both familiar and foreign. Alongside the old standbys you'll discover new favorites like the Pineapple Jerk Burrito or the Tokyo Teriyaki Burrito, which puts an Asian spin on things with its sesame-teriyaki sauce. Raging Burrito also offers a full bar.

Pastries A Go Go

This retro-inspired cafe isn't much to look at. Its located in a strip mall and has a stripped down interior to match - though there is a small patio. Don't let its unassuming exterior stop you from trying out this breakfast and lunch cafe, which serves heaping portions and some of the yummiest, buttery pasteries I've had. The price is right, the food is good and some lunches even come with a cookie. You'll be too full to eat it, but, trust me, resistance is futile.

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