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Vintage Shopping in Atlanta


Going shopping for vintage treasures? Atlanta is made up of many eclectic intown neighborhoods where residents take pride in expressing their unique style. One way to do this is through vintage clothing and Atlanta has no shortage of shops to scour for unique duds. Many of these shops are in the popular Little Five Points district (while you're in the neighborhood, check out some of the yummy restaurants), but there are a few others scattered around town, too. These vintage shops tend to be a bit pricier than what you'd find at the local Salvation Army outpost, but the funky finds and selective stock mean you'll walk away with something truly unique.

Stefan's - Closed

Hat shop
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Note: Stefan's is now closed, but a new vintage shop called Ambrose Vintage opened August 2012 in the same location. The owner will keep much of Stefan's feel, but also bring some new flavor to the shop.

Stefan's is one of Atlanta's most high-quality vintage shops. This store is small but carries lovely outfits from all eras. They have both men's and women's clothing and also carry a wide variety of accessories, including hats and shoes. Stefan's has a large selection of unique vintage aprons, something that won't be found elsewhere. The oldest vintage store in Atlanta,Stefan's enjoys a great reputation and sometimes carries a higher price point, but don't worry, you get what you pay for here. Stefan's is located in Little Five Points.

Clothing Warehouse

Clothing Warehouse is the ultimate vintage treasure hunt. Here you'll find rack after rack of moderately priced vintage clothes, organized by color, turning to store in to a lovely rainbow. The amount of great vintage clothing here is astounding and there's always a great item to be found, though it may take a while to sort through the noise. They have a huge selection of dresses in many sizes from many eras. There is also a large men's section and this is the best place to scout out the perfect pair of vintage cowboy boots. Clothing Warehouse is located in Little Five Points.


Rag-o-Rama is something of a trendy thrift store (think Plato's Closet) meets vintage outpost. The majority of their selection is modern day items, but there is always a healthy dose of vintage attire mixed in. This is a great place to snag a unique vintage dress at a bargain price, just be prepared to search through racks and racks of discarded garb from 2001 to find the gem you're looking for. A gigantic store with both men's and women's attire, Rag-o-Rama also carries lots of fun and funky accessories (neon, knee-high boots anyone?) and is a popular place for costume shopping. Rag-o-Rama is located in Little Five Points.

Lucky Exchange

The Lucky Exchange has two Atlanta locations, on Ponce de Leon in Midtown and on Moreland near East Atlanta. This resale shop sells both vintage and modern styles at great prices, though the selection does lean toward the 80s' and 90s'. With friendly staff and easy parking (a rarity for many Midtown outposts), a trip to Lucky Exchange makes for a relaxing afternoon as far as secondhand shopping goes. The shop is small but there are deals to be had and a skilled shopper can get away with a little bargaining.

Psycho Sisters

Psycho Sisters has been dressing Atlanta's rebellious teenagers for years and years. With outposts in Little Five Points, Marietta and Cartersville, this spot has helped spread crazy clothes and vintage wear to the masses. Psycho Sisters has a vibe similar to a pint-sized Rag-o-Rama, offering many modern styles with a bit of vintage sprinkled in. They take pride in being a top destination for costume parties and Halloween finds, but a great shopper can also find unique deals here year-round.

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