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Biking in Atlanta

Bike Trails, Bike Tours, and Bicycling Laws in Atlanta


Biking is a popular recreational activity in Atlanta, and more intown residents are embracing biking as a way to get around, too. Whether you're looking for information on bike laws, bike trails, or even options for renting a bike near Atlanta - we've got you covered here.

Popular Bike Trails and Paths in Atlanta

Atlanta has a number of popular bike paths and trails for those who prefer not to ride on the road. Favorites include:
  • The Silver Comet Trail: The mother of all multi-use paths, the Silver Comet Trail stretches for more than 60 miles from Northwest Metro Atlanta to the Alabama line. There, it connects with another trail that runs 33 miles. That's quite a bike ride (and remember, you've got to come back, too!).
  • Stone Mountain Trail: The Stone Mountain Trail runs from downtown Atlanta to Stone Mountain. Some of the trail is on the street, some is on multi-use paths. The entire trail, marked by signs along the way, runs 19 miles.
  • The BeltLine: The BeltLine is still under construction, but the several trails are open.

Bike Tours of Atlanta

Biking provides a unique way to experience Atlanta, and it's a fun outing for both visitors and locals wishing to explore Atlanta's vibrant neighborhoods. Bicycle Tours of Atlanta is a local, full-service tour company that provides everything you need to see the city. Your ticket price includes the bike, helmet, water bottle, and even a snack! A few different tour options are available - and you'll explore areas like Old Fourth Ward, Inman Park, Oakland Cemetery, Underground Atlanta, and the King Center by bike.

Bike Rentals in Atlanta

So, you don't have a bike, but you want to bike for the day. Or maybe you're just trying to see if biking is right for you. Good news, there are a few places in Metro Atlanta that allow you to rent bikes.

Basic Biking Laws in Georgia

When you are biking, it's important to stay safe and comply with all of Georgia's bike laws. Here are a few basics you should keep in mind:
  • Helmets aren't required for those over 16, but they are still strongly encouraged. If you are under 16, you're required to sport head gear.
  • Bikes should stick to the road, not the sidewalk. Look for roads with bike lanes, and use caution on Atlanta's busy, narrow, intown roads. You are not required to stay to the right of the road, you can actually take the lane if you feel that you need to for your safety. Bikes can ride two across.
  • Always use signals when turning.
  • Obey traffic signals (stop signs, lights, etc.) just as you would driving.
Read up on all the laws via the Georgia Dept of Highway Safety.
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