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Reader Submissions: Atlanta Snow Storm Pictures


Snow is a rare treat for many Southerners and we only see it once and a while in Atlanta. Readers share their favorite snow photos from this year's storm in January 2010 and again in January 2011.

Alpharetta Igloo

My husband and kids built this igloo this morning. They have been playing in it all day and hope to sleep in it tonight! All of the neighborhood kids have been joining in the fun and 5 or 6 kids can …More

Snow in Canton

This old Gris Mill has min. restoration but the snow scene reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting without the people or beagle. It was taken on Christmas Day while 4-wheeling with my daughter Carle…More

Playing in the Atlanta Snow

We just woke up on Jan 8, 2010 to this beautiful snow on the ground,and my 7 year old wanted to do is slide across the snow! I love Atlanta, and is very very surprised it snowed, We just relocated ba…More

Atlanta Snow Storm Photos

Footprints in the snow. My the yard was quickly filling up with snow on Thursday night, January 7... I went outside to take some pictures... this is the first snow we have had at this home... I'm afr…More

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